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Who wants to Behave?

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We have sooooooo many new things to tell you!!! It has been so hard to keep this a secret because we are so excited!!! Without further ado, we are proud to introduce the new Legacy Collection by Ju-Ju-Be!


At Ju-Ju-Be, we are fun and funky, but we’re smart and concerned, too. When we started our quest for a fashion extension to our line, we needed a material that didn’t exist yet. We wanted something as supple, beautiful and durable as leather, but without the impact on the environment that tanned animal hides have. We also wanted one more critical thing that we thought was going to be a pipe dream — we wanted it to be machine-washable. After countless hours of engineering and research, we’ve got it. We’re proud of it. We love it.

Earth Leather
Earth Leather

As part of our Legacy Collection, we feel that we’re leaving a legacy for the future. As you purchase the bags and experience the quality for yourself, you’ll know that you’ve acquired a legacy item that is sure to become an heirloom in your family, too!

Our first reveal in the Legacy Collection will be — are you ready — wait for it….A HOBO PURSE!!! We’ve lovingly dubbed it our Behave Bag.

purse brown 2 3.4

Front (click to enlarge)

purse 3back

Back (click to enlarge)


It’s our Mommy Bag with a Baby Pocket!

Behave? The question isn’t if you can or can’t. The question is, “do you want to?” With this super sassy bag,,you’ll be ready for a night on the town with your friends, or a day of shopping at the mall (with friends), or taking lunch on your break (with friends). We all know what happens when there’s a group of friends in tow. It’s just hard to behave! At least you’ll feel good about the Earth Leather construction (animal-free and earth-friendly), the machine washability (YES, you can wash this!), and the amazingly jealous looks you’ll be getting. With a wild and super fun lining on the inside, you’ll feel like you’re not behaving even when you are!

Available in Black Earth Leather with Dizzy Daisy linings (accented with lilac)
purse 6 black inside

OR Brown Earth Leather with Zany Zinnia linings (accented with lemonade)

purse brown 4 inside



Hardware: All metal and will not chip. The Black Earth Leather has antique silver hardware while the Brown Earth Leather features antiqued bronze hardware. (Don’t you love the new Ju-Ju-Be script on the metal plate?) Sturdy metal d-rings on either side to attach the messenger strap (or to attach to stroller clips).

Zippers: The best you can buy! (Rumor has it that they’re the same zippers a certain logo-fied Louis uses!) Features our same amazingly durable and darling zipper pulls with a little bling in them!


purse brown 5 open

Linings: Bright and fun to remind you that life isn’t all serious and boring! Every time you open your bag you’ll smile!!! And our linings with Agion (nature’s antimicrobial) will help fight germs and stains.

Machine-washable: We love that this bag is not only HOT but it is machine-washable. (Remove messenger strap, gentle cold cycle in pillow case, air dry.) We have washed it and washed it and washed it, and it just looks better and better and better!

Earth-friendly: Our Earth Leather is lead-free (unlike most faux leathers) and, of course, PVC-free! There is nothing else like this at market today! It looks like real leather and it feels like real leather, but it is better — it is EARTH LEATHER!!!!

Price: ONLY $160.00!!! Amazing price? Of course! We take pride in providing quality AND value for our beloved customers!!!

Availability: Available with our Spring Two shipment due mid-April. Preorders will start toward the end of March.


Come back next week for the next fabulous reveal from our Legacy Collection!!!!

Pink Lady Spotlight – Brenda!

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Our series of interviews with some of the Pink Room’s original Pink Ladies continues with the oh-so-sweet Brenda!


Your Pink Room name: bailey2bradenc (Her Pink Name is: PERFECTLY STASHED PINK LADY OF THE OZARKS)
Your real first name: Brenda
Number and ages of kids, if applicable: Bailey, 8, and Braden, 5. I also have 2 Boston Terriers, Gracey, and Lucey, almost 2


How’d you discover Ju-Ju-Be?
I have always loved bags, actually since college backpacks were my favorite bag of choice. My favorite bag was a wonderful leather bag I got in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It had lots of compartments and was beautiful. When I had my first child, Bailey, in 2001, I started on my hunt for diaper bags, and kept looking… until I found JJB!!! I surfed the net and I kept coming back to JJB. The features, fabrics, style, quality and function were awesome! The Packabe was the bag I first fell in love with, and I bought one of the solid brown Packabes as my first bag. Then another. Then another! So my collection began!


Brenda & her beautiful collection!

How’d you discover the Pink Room?
I found the Pink Room through the JJB website in 2006, and I joined on my birthday, November 2006, about a year after JJB introduced its line of diaper bags. I have been hooked since then!

Why have you stuck around all this time? (Not that we’re suggesting you go away!)
My addiction (I yes, I admit it) to these wonderful bags and to the wonderful Pink Ladies, and of course the awesome company, JJB, and its owners — Kristin, Joe, and Rachelle and the whole JJB team! It is a joy to be able to get to know everyone in such a unique way and to enjoy new bags along the way!!!!  Even though my kids are way beyond diapers, these bags go beyond that stage!

What does your hubby/significant other think about your love of Ju-Ju-Be?
My husband of almost 17 years is very supportive– I am VERY lucky. He knows how much easier and more fun my job as a mom is if I have lots of bags to keep me happy!!!! I also do the books for our chiropractic office, so he probably considers part of my payback for that are some JJBs!!!!

What’s your favorite print?
I honestly cannot pin down my favorite print to just one, I have many favorites, as my stash shows! I tend to use some bags more in the spring/summer, and others in fall/winter. To narrow it down some, I tend to use these in the spring/summer: Groovy Gardens, Tiki Toffee, Perky, Zany Zinnias, Mint Julep, and Citrus. These in Fall/Winter: Purple Paisley, Champagne Bubbles, Sienna Swirl, and Lotus Lullaby (my two newest patterns); and Sangria and Drip Drops are pretty much yearround. Of course, any could be used at any time!!!!

What’s your favorite bag style?
As I mentioned before, the Packabe was my first love, and in the early days in the Pink Room, I was affectionately known as “The Packabe Pusher” because the Packabe was really the only bag I had at that point, and I tended to “push” it on others. (Not forcefully, just gently, with love!!!!  LOL!) I was very passionate about my JJB backpacks!!!!!  I was around when Joe and Kristin were designing the BRB and got to give ideas on it — very exciting!!!!  I gradually tried the other styles, and now I have several of lots of them!!!!!

Her ENTIRE collection in mini-pics

Her ENTIRE collection in mini-pics

Anything else you’d like to share with current Pink Ladies?
Enjoy your time in the Pink Room and appreciate such a dynamite company as JJB and their wonderful products!!!!  It is such a joy to be a part of such a wonderful community! Isn’t it great to share relationships with others who understand your love of such awesome products!?

Spring One has SPRUNG!

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Your first opportunity for pre-orders is here! Visit to get our newest print, Dizzy Daisies, in the Packabe, BetweenBe Rich, Be Thrifty, Business Be, Be Quick, Paci-Pod, Fuel Cell, Be Tagged and the new MightyBe bag! The MightyBe is also available for pre-order in Lotus Lullaby, Perky Perennials and Sangria Sunset!

Items are currently scheduled to be shipped out by mid-March! WOO HOO!

Inquiring minds want to know – whatcha gonna order, mamas?!?!


Flower power!!!

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Your heart will skip a beat when you use your fabulous and flowery Zany Zinnias accessories! Long after your other flowers have wilted and withered away, you’ll still have these beauts to make you smile!

zany wallets

Pink Lady Spotlight – Emma!

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The Pink Room and Pink Ladies had to start somewhere, right? Our next few Pink Lady Spotlights feature some of the original Pink Ladies, starting with the lovely Emma!

Your Pink Room name: Emma – yes, top marks for being totally unoriginal!
Your real first name: Emma! Hehee
Number and ages of kids, if applicable: Liberty Alice (Libby) 19; Barnaby (Barny) 17; Gabrielle Elizabeth (Gabby) 15; Daisy Kate  11; Joseph David (Joey) 7; Poppy Emma 4; Lucy Belle (Lulu) 9.5 months.

How’d you discover Ju-Ju-Be?
I saw an advertisment for a gorgeous Perky PackaBe in a baby magazine while I was pregnant with Poppy and living in California. (And did you know that the Poppy is the California state flower?) Anyway, I tucked it away and then Googled it when I got the chance.

How’d you discover the Pink Room?
The Pink Room wasn’t really the Pink Room when I joined.  It was more of a ‘questions and answers’ place, and there were hardly any posts when I posted my first thread.  I was shocked and amazed when Joe answered, followed by Kristin…and I’ve been hooked ever since. We were all very excited when Rachelle (Muffinfrog, as Joe calls her) joined in the fun after hearing her talked about so fondly by Joe for so long. I don’t think I realized how “new” the company was until a little while after. I feel very honoured to have been made to feel so welcome and to be able to get to know such wonderful people – I have a very special place in my heart for Joe, Kristin, and Rachelle.

Why have you stuck around all this time? (Not that we’re suggesting you go away!)
I think once you start chatting, building up friendships and getting to know all the Pink Ladies – it’s something that holds you here. Wherever you are in the world, you’re never lonely when you’re a Pink Lady in the land of Ju-Ju-Be. I’ve moved around the world so much that the PR has really helped me through when I’ve felt isolated, and given me a familiar place to “hang out.”

What does your hubby/significant other think about your love of Ju-Ju-Be?
He thought it a little strange at first, (men just don’t get the bag thing), but now he is just happy that I’ve found something that I love. He also likes that I’m passionate about things and life in general.

What’s your favorite print?
At the moment it’s Cherry Lemonade – but really my all time fave is Lush Paisley, and it always will be!

What’s your favorite bag style?
I’m LOVING my BeTween. It’s so cute and the perfect size. I don’t think I’ll ever want to give her up – she’s so pretty!  But I’m also a big fan of the now-retired BeSmart!

Anything else you’d like to share with current Pink Ladies?
I had the absolute pleasure of naming the BeMine, BeChanged and the name for Citrus Sorbet.  I have also posted far more then my posts display – I keep meaning to ask Rachelle to bump me up a bit, but maybe I should just get to my OOAK (one-of-a-kind)  the worker bee way! :) And I was the first to be given a “Pink Room name.”  It started off as a bit of a joke on Joe’s part – and then escalated from there!  When I lived in California, Viki, Heather (ready4baby) and Amy (Aimerz-thepursegirl) traveled 12 hours to come and stay with me for the weekend – we had a blast!


I now have a very small stash compared to what it was. My Cherry Lemonade BeTween, Lush Paisley BeSmall, a Cherry Lemonade BeSet, lots of Beuicks and mess shuttles. I’m trying to rebuild it, and I see a MightyBee in my future!