January 2013 - Ju-Ju-Be

The Best of Both Brands…Toki Perky!

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“Hey, you got your perky in my toki!”

“No, you got your toki in my perky!”

“Hmmmmm…we like it!! We like it!!”

Introducing…Toki Perky by tokidoki x ju-ju-be.

A perfect blend of our two brands…super fun tokidoki characters playing on a pastel version of our 1st Ju-Ju-Be print, Perky Perennials!

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Movie Time!

See if you can spot the new print in this fun video!


Picture Time!

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Toki Perky is available in the following bags:

Be Prepared, Better Be, BFF, HoboBe, SuperBe, Be Quick, Fuel Cell, Be Neat, PaciPod


Get our NEW Spring 2013 line on ShopJuJuBe!!!

[dcs_btn url="http://shop.ju-ju-be.com/SearchProduct.aspx?txtSearch=toki+perky"]Shop Toki Perky NOW![/dcs_btn]

Updated list of tokidoki x ju-ju-be retailers!

A Sneak Peak!!

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Our NEW tokidoki x ju-ju-be print includes three of our favorite things!


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[dcs_one_third_last] Cupcakes…




and Froggies!

Enjoy this SNEAK PEAK and get ready to see all of it next Friday!


Crimson Kaleidoscope!

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[dcs_one_fifth]With a tiny twist the intricate pattern pulses into a new form.  Colors and light play upon the mirrors within.  Endless entertainment provided by a simple shake that resets the reflections once again.  Not just mesmerizing,  the scene seems nothing short of magical.

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Crimson Kaleidoscope will be available early February in the following bags:

Be Prepared, Better Be, BFF,  Be Quick, and Paci Pod


Pink Pinwheels keep on turning…

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While her baby sleeps, she starts a playful project to take advantage of the soft spring breeze. Her nimble fingers patiently perfect the precise, crisp folds.

Soon, whisps of wind whirl and twirl, blowing carefree petals of pink paper in geometric precision. Spinning, whirling, twirling…round and round and round. Pink pinwheels.



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Pink Pinwheels will be available in the following bags:

Be Prepared, Better Be, BFF, Be Right Back, HoboBe, SuperBe, Be Quick, Fuel Cell, Be Neat, Paci Pod, Be Tagged

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

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Nope! It’s our NEW SuperBe tote!!!

[dcs_one_fourth] This tote has SUPER powers! It’s SUPER cute! It’s SUPER light! It’s SUPER stuffable! It’s SUPER versatile! Does it have X-Ray vision? Nope, but its zippered top will help you get through the X-Ray machine at the airport faster than a speeding bullet.

The SuperBe will be available in Royal Envy, Perfect Paisley, Pink Pinwheels, and Toki Perky!
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-zippered enclosure on top keeps your stuff inside

-2 interior mesh pockets and 1 extra long interior zippered pocket

-extra long key clip in main interior of tote

-3 exterior front pockets (2 are tall to hide drinks & the center zippered pocket is short for cell phone)

-large exterior back pocket with snap closure

-tote straps have 12-inch drop

-ultra light!!

-machine washable (air dry)




Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 5.5

Weight: less than a pound

Price: $50.00/$58.00 Toki Perky

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Sketching delicate doodles while daydreaming in class, her dainty drops of color dance across the paper. Random, pink petals play in a continuous pattern with complete disregard for confining lines.

Perfectly girly. Perfectly random. Perfectly paisley.

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Perfect Paisley will be available in the following bags:

Be Prepared, Better Be, BFF, HoboBe, Be Quick, Fuel Cell, Be Neat, PaciPod, Be Tagged AND the SuperBe!

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Are you ready for this reveal? You BETTER BE!

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[dcs_one_fourth] Is your diaper bag machine washable? It BETTER BE! Is your diaper bag lined with light colored, anti-microbial linings? It BETTER BE! Is your diaper bag organized, efficient, fashionable, and super, super fun? It BETTER BE! Are you ready for the best diaper bag ever? You BETTER BE! [/dcs_one_fourth]

Introducing our “Better Be” diaper bag!!


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-detachable and adjustable messenger strap

-messenger strap has a memory foam shoulder pad with a grippy textile underneath…no more straps sliding off your shoulders

-swivel attachment points for Be Connected stroller clips (sold separately)

-gusseted mommy pocket with extra long scrunchy key clip, sun glass case, lipstick loops and pen loop. Plus two zippered pockets…one with mesh so you can see what’s inside (picture in gallery below!)

-two exterior bottle pockets insulated with 3M Thinsulate

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-picture pocket to keep photos handy when bragging to friends

-smart interior organization…lots of pockets

-zippered top flap pocket perfect for a few diapers

-crumb drains get rid of mess so it doesn’t stay in your bag

-memory foam changing pad

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The Better Be will be available in Royal Envy, Perfect Paisley, Pink Pinwheels, Crimson Kaleidoscope and Toki Perky!

Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 5.5

Weight: Approximately 2 pounds

Price: $120.00/ $125.00 Toki Perky

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