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Hi ladies!!! I want to share with you an awesome website run by two awesome women…IdeasNThings…they have so many fun tools for Pink Ladies…read below and you can learn all about it!! You need to be registered to view a few of the links*. :)R

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could borrow a Ju-Ju-Be to see if you like the style or print?”  The idea of a Ju-Ju-Be Borrowing Club has been discussed many times in the Pink Room. But when Pink Ladies Jasmine (cndnveggie) and Liz (LizGolden) started talking, they decided to turn that dream into a reality.  After several months of hard work, and with the official approval from Ju-Ju-Be, Jasmine and Liz announced the launch of the Pink Lady Club (PLC) , hosted by Liz’s site Ideas N Things.  Now Pink Ladies have the opportunity to borrow bags and accessories, with no commitment to buy, so they can figure out which items they want to own.

How does the Borrowing Program work?

Jasmine: Eligible Pink Ladies can request membership to the PLC, and once approved, can request any of the items we have in the Borrowing Collection.  At this time, we have almost 20 different Ju-Ju-Be items traveling from member to member, giving Pink Ladies the opportunity to try out different bags and accessories, as well as see new prints in real life.

Who can participate?

Liz: The Borrowing Program is currently limited to eligible Pink Ladies residing in the US, due to the cost and extended transit times of international shipping. However, international Pink Ladies can sign up for a Partial membership in the Pink Lady Club, which allows them to enter fun giveaways and participate in other PLC activities.  And anyone can register for a free account at Ideas N Things to take advantage of many other fun tools we’ve created.

What has been the response to the PLC?

Liz: We are thrilled with the excitement and participation of fellow Pink Ladies. It is so great to see how much our members are enjoying the opportunity to try out Ju-Ju-Be items that they haven’t seen before.   And we’re just as excited to have even more people visiting the Ideas N Things site to take advantage of the other free tools we’ve created.  There are over 500 registered Pink Ladies on the Ideas N Things website, and we’ve had visitors from 45 different countries! We are definitely spreading the Ju-Ju-Be love!

How did you two meet?

Jasmine: In the Pink Room,  of course 😉  I had actually posted a crazy idea about a borrowing club (not the first time it was mentioned in the PR), and Liz contacted me with her ideas.  We decided to give it a try, and found out that we work really well together! We’re both a bit OCD when it comes to Ju-Ju-Be, and Liz is able to take some of my crazy ideas and turn them into reality.  In addition to the Borrowing Program, Ideas N Things also hosts several free tools for any Ju-Ju-Be fan to use.

Tell us more about these free tools!

Jasmine: The first project we worked on was the Print Comparison Tool *, which is my baby. I wanted an easy way for PLs to be able to see different Ju-Ju-Be prints and linings side by side – it’s just so useful when trying to figure out which matching items to buy. Liz worked very hard to make it into a fun interactive tool.


Liz: Our next project was the Stashinator.*  Jasmine had spent a lot of time creating and posting all the tiny images of Ju-Ju-Be bags and accessories for PLs to display in their PR signatures, but it was a tedious process.  I wanted to create a more user-friendly way for PLs to make their stash siggies, and so the Stashinator was born. Now Pink Ladies can easily create and update the mini version of their stash and share it in their PR siggy.


Jasmine: The Everything Ju-Ju-Be: Timeline * is our latest tool.  It lists every bag and accessory made by Ju-Ju-Be, in which prints, and when it was originally released.  This is especially helpful for new fans, who may not be familiar with styles or prints that have been discontinued.


Liz: We have also created other tools, like the Ju-Ju-Be Size Comparisons *, where you can select two items and see how they compare side by side. If you like games, you will enjoy putting scrambled Ju-Ju-Be bag pictures back to normal in our Games * section. And probably our favorite tool is the very popular Pink Lady Personality Quiz *! We had a blast creating the quiz, and I think PLs have a lot of fun finding out what their Pink Personality is! We have plans for even more exciting features in the near future!

Any final thoughts to share?

Jasmine: We are just so excited that the Pink Lady Club, and all of the features on the Ideas N Things website, are being enjoyed by Pink Ladies.  It really has been a labour of love for us – we’ve had a great time creating the Borrowing Program and the free tools, but it’s so rewarding to see everyone having fun using them!

Liz: Yes, this really is a dream come true for me!  And of course, we have to thank Ju-Ju-Be for allowing us to start the Pink Lady Club.  I should note that Ideas N Things and the Pink Lady Club function independently of Ju-Ju-Be, with no involvement from them, but we are dedicated to providing Ju-Ju-Be fans with fun options to enhance their time in the Pink Room.

If you want more information about the Pink Lady Club, please click here. And you can check out all of the other free tools on the Ideas N Things website.

*Free registration at is required to view the tools described above.

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