A WannaBe break from clouds

By March 23, 2010 Reveals 13 Comments
  • Maria

    It looks great in Cloud Break!

  • Adrienne (mamatojj)

    Luv it! :D

  • Letia

    Not bad! Any other prints to make me go over the edge and get a WB?

  • 2princes2princesses

    This print on the Wannabe makes perfect sense! Can’t believe it wasn’t made sooner. It just reminds me of waves and water and the beach. FUN!

  • Amanda (octjuly)

    Wow! I still love my Tiki WannaBe, but it is seriously gorgeous in Cloud Break! :)

  • Jaime(sparkii)

    Oh man I was begging for this one!!! Sweet!

  • http://PinkRoom Joanne (Momof2Boys)

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Wendy

    Sooo excited… I have this preorded just in time for summer!

  • MJ (themommaduck)

    It is beautiful!!! I love it when we ask and you deliver!!! ;) Thanks JJB!!

  • Meg (Nutmeg)

    Perfect for the ocean and beach – and pool! Nice one!

  • Leah (2BoysMom)

    Love it!!! Definitely NEED one of these!

  • Lina (LinaEliza)

    awwww, so beautiful. If only Wannabe was sold in UK…..

  • http://www.mamasandmunchkins.com Teri

    THAT definetely says Beach to me. Very nice!