A WannaBe break from clouds

By March 23, 2010Reveals

So we’ve finished revealing all of this season’s Earth Leather surprises, but we’re not done yet!

You asked for it.

You got it.

Our uber-popular WannaBe bag in the gorgeous Cloud Break print!

Wanabe_CloudbreakAvailability: Spring Two (the end of April)

  • Maria

    It looks great in Cloud Break!

  • Adrienne (mamatojj)

    Luv it! 😀

  • Letia

    Not bad! Any other prints to make me go over the edge and get a WB?

  • 2princes2princesses

    This print on the Wannabe makes perfect sense! Can’t believe it wasn’t made sooner. It just reminds me of waves and water and the beach. FUN!

  • Amanda (octjuly)

    Wow! I still love my Tiki WannaBe, but it is seriously gorgeous in Cloud Break! 🙂

  • Jaime(sparkii)

    Oh man I was begging for this one!!! Sweet!

  • Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Wendy

    Sooo excited… I have this preorded just in time for summer!

  • MJ (themommaduck)

    It is beautiful!!! I love it when we ask and you deliver!!! 😉 Thanks JJB!!

  • Meg (Nutmeg)

    Perfect for the ocean and beach – and pool! Nice one!

  • Leah (2BoysMom)

    Love it!!! Definitely NEED one of these!

  • Lina (LinaEliza)

    awwww, so beautiful. If only Wannabe was sold in UK…..

  • THAT definetely says Beach to me. Very nice!