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Warning: Droolfest ahead

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You’re probably gonna want to put on a bib before checking out the winners of the latest Real Mom Giveaway — this one is alllll about great holiday recipes, which are sure to make you droooool.

The Pink Lady known as 1979sunshine won with her recipe for a sweet treat called “Divinity.”

Butterflyjuju won with a recipe for Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars with Streusel Topping.

Yum, yum – we want some!

Congrats again to the mamas who won, and a big shout-out to all the amazing recipes that were entered!!! Our taste buds are thankful, even if our waistlines aren’t. ;)

RMG winner recap

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Have you been keeping up with our Real Mom Giveaways? If not, here’s your recap. (You never know when Pink Room Trivia will pop-up as a Jeopardy category!)

Rachelle announced the winners of our latest RMG yesterday. It was our ever-popular “nominate a deserving mama” contest. And the FOUR winners — yes, FOUR, as the mamas who nominated the chosen winners also won bags for themselves — were Tarabe, nominated by luluandmommy, and andreareynolds, nominated by dannibrown!!!

The previous RMG asked Pink Ladies to share the strangest advice they received as a new mom or trying to conceive or anything related to parenthood. The winners were genkimari for her hilarious earthquake apparel advice and Amberduna for her “fancy underpants”!!

The RMG before that asked Pink Ladies for fun things to do with kids in Autumn. Kimnlogan’s meatloaf man and marymom’s idea to actually grow pumpkins in your own backyard won the big prizes!!

Before that, RMG asked for the best back-to-school ideas. NicoleP told us about how she buys extra school supplies for her kids’ teachers while brooknjas showed us how to make your own reusable lunch containers!

Phew! All caught up!

Real Mom Giveaways – Our marketing mavericks

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Ju-Ju-Be honors Real Moms everywhere with our semimonthly Real Mom Giveaway – aka RMG. (Find out more about the nuts and bolts of RMG here.)

The latest RMG asked our Pink Ladies to put their thinking caps on and offer up their best, creative, innovative, most Ju-Ju-Be-tastic marketing ideas.

Typically two winners are chosen, but there were so many fabulous submissions that Ju-Ju-Be had no choice but to double the number of prizes and choose FOUR winners!

We decided to pick one that took a lot of time to create, one that happened to already be in the works (unbeknownst to the Pink Ladies), one idea that was repeated over and over again in different entries (it must be a good idea if SO MANY thought about it), and one idea that was just outlandish and fun.

“A for Effort”- Pink Lady elvish who created beautiful banner ads to promote Ju-Ju-Be on targeted sites. Check out her entire entry here.

“Already in the Works” – Pink Lady mariak, who suggested testimonials. They should be up and running soon! Full entry here.

“Most Duplicated Entry”- Pink Lady drmcker’s suggestion for a reward program. Sounds like you all want a reward program to refer your friends! Full entry here.

“Outlandish and Fun”- Pink Lady rachelclark, who captivated mamas everywhere with this eye candy:

Ju-Ju-Be ManWell, hellooooooo there!

And honorable mention goes out to Pink Lady sparkii, who was ineligible as she is a previous winner but still wowed the judges with an entry to show that even the sky isn’t the limit for Ju-Ju-Be.

A Ju-Ju-Be Jet!


The inside of the jet, with antibacterial seats!


Ju-Ju-Be Airways uniform!


And Ju-Ju-Be takes on Nascar!


Great job, mamas!

Be sure to enter our next RMG!