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2015 Get Together & Birthday Party!

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Ju-Ju-Be is celebrating our 10 year anniversary and we are throwing a party! 
Our annual Pink Lady Get Together is coming up & we wanna invite YOU! 


Costa Mesa, CA

More info to come! xo 

There will be lots of food, fun, games and sneak peeks! 
We have a lot up our sleeve & will release the full event info soon! 



Year of Perky & GIVEAWAYS?

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Did you read that right?! Did the title say giveaways?! A full year of giveaways?!

Now that you have started breathing again and have sat back down from jumping up and down… let me tell you a little more!

I am sure you have heard by now that it is Ju-Ju-Be’s 10 year anniversary this year! (YAY! We made it to double digits!) Since, we are a company that LOVES to celebrate, we have made plans for the entire year! And, since we are a company that LOVES to surprise our lovely and loyal fans – we haven’t really said much! Haha! But we promise there is SO much in store, because at the end of the day, it is all about YOU the amazing customers who have made Ju-Ju-Be the company that it is today! Without YOU we would not be celebrating 10 years!

(So, when is she going to mention the full year of giveaways, get to it already, you’re thinking. I promise I will get there and if you already skipped this part, I understand!)

As you have already noticed we re-released our very first print, Perky Perennials in honor of the 10 year anniversary. So that is the FIRST thing we have done to celebrate. The SECOND thing we did was give an ENTIRE Perky Perennials collection away to ONE lucky fan!

BUT for the entire year of 2015 we are going to give away something in every order shipped from our online store! (OMG, I know… keep reading!) We started on February 1st, we think we are so sneaky…we didn’t even tell anyone! Hope you liked your nice surprise!

We started February off by putting a Perky Perennials coin purse in every order that was placed on our online website! But it gets better! We are going to add something else to our random box of fun for this month, LOVE NOTES! Love notes are sticky note pads that have the Perky Perennials print on them! (see photo below)


Every month we are going to add a new gift with purchase to our box of fun, so what does that mean? The gifts will be given at random. Each month we will add something to the giveaway assortment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the newest gift. On a happy note though, you could get it at a later time!  Once we are out of that gift, we are out.

What gifts will Ju-Ju-Be be thinking of doing throughout the year? Well, here are some ideas for ya… In no particular order! (Some are subject to change so don’t hold your breath… we don’t want you to pass out!)

Coin purses (obviously!)
Key Chains
A towel? Yeah… we are thinking about it!
Phone covers
and so much more, you wont even be able to stand it!

Keep checking back with us on our social media sites and our blog for MORE announcements! We haven’t even told you about HALF of the stuff we have planned!

Brie xo

Ju-Ju-Be GTG 2014

Ju-Ju-Be Get Together 2014 RECAP!!!!

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AMAZING Get Together! Here are a few pics from the event!!! We loved seeing old friends and meeting new friends!! We loved the taco bar and the snow cones…oh…and the donuts. Yum. Hope you all had a great time!! We are in awe of the special gift that you presented us!! (We will post pics of that later!!) We appreciate each and every one of you and want to thank you for making Ju-Ju-Be what it is!



5th Annual Pink Lady Get Together 2013!!

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Thank you to everyone for an incredible event! Of course, any event is great when you mix good people with balloons, shaved ice, yummy cake, and a OOAK (one-of-a-kind) bag giveaway! Right?

Well, we have a few more goodies to give away to our cyber friends who couldn’t be at the event IRL!!! We chose 12 names from the sign up list in the Pink Room!! Congrats to our friends listed below!!! We will contact you via private message in the Pink Room.

Blue/Teal/Aqua Pinwheels OOAK BFF – Victoria McCabe – Toribear5

Dreamy Light OOAK BFF – Mandi Beck – Savannahsmommy

Yellow/Red/Blue Blossoms TOAK Be All – Sylvia Mallon – Smallo5

OOAK Iconic Be Neat – Lois Chon – K0r3an6irl

GTG Swag Bag – Anna Dulin – Azazela

GTG Swag Bag – Stephanie Hawker

coin purse – Annabel – Cyberkitten

coin purse – Kaydi Suen – JollybeanKK

coin purse – Christine Rozal – Crozal

coin purse – Olivia Molina – Momofjandgabs

coin purse – Linda Chador – Linda817

coin purse – Pricilla – Pippy

We thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible loyalty and your continued dedication to our brand. Ju-Ju-Be is what it is because of YOU!

ENJOY the pics below and plan on coming NEXT year!!

There are no photos with those IDs or post 11731 does not have any attached images!


Huge thank you’s to a few people that helped out behind the scenes!! THX to Jasmine, Mira, and Shan for help in organizing! THX to Will for his Wi-Fi thingamagiggy that helped us with our Live Broadcast! THX to Verla for our FUN key chains made from JJB prints!!! And thanks to all of the guests for being AWESOME!!!!



“Mr. Men and Little Miss” Event at Ron Robinson!

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What a GREAT event!!
Congrats to Mr. Men and Little Miss for an amazing re-launch at Fred Segal/Ron Robinson!
Thank you for inviting us!!

Some of the things we loved…

the entire team at Fred Segal/Ron Robinson
the geniuses behind Mr. Men and Little Miss
the lemonade
the flip books (to die for.)
the t-shirts
the cake pops
seeing paparazzi in the parking lot…
then seeing spiderman…aka Tobey Maguire (yes, we were a bit star struck.)
visiting tokidoki on melrose afterwards (we love joey.)
FAIRYTELLA being loved and adored!

One thing we didn’t love…
running out of Fairytella!! (we should have brought more…sorry!!)

ENJOY the pics!!

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Day TEN of our “12 Days of Christmas!”

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For those of you who don’t know, The Pink Room is our online forum. It was created in 2005 on a whim and has become a very happy, safe place in cyberspace for a lot of awesome women. It started as a way for us to get feedback from customers but it turned into something special.

So, what do you do in The Pink Room? Well, it is a place to buy, sell, and trade bags (without any fees), a place to share cute stories about your little ones, a place to get advice about motherhood, a place to connect with others who are “addicted” to bags :), a place to “talk” with the owners, as well as a place to find answers for your Ju-Ju-Be related questions. But it goes much beyond diaper bags and babies… it is a place to share, learn, escape, and connect with great people from around the world.

Well, as you can imagine, technology has changed a lot since 2005 and the Pink Room needed a facelift!   We figured we’d make a few changes…hopefully they will help make your experience better!!

Some of the changes you will notice and some you won’t. Here are a few listed below.

1 – You will now be able to more easily navigate in the Pink Room from your mobile device!! It will be automatic…you won’t need to download an app. (Lots of peeps have requested this!!)

2 – You will be able to heart people’s posts…just click “I heart”.

3 – You can like posts in the pink room and it will show up on Facebook. (We can adjust the settings on this for privacy.)

4 – We added more fabric backgrounds and they are streamlined into the software better.

5 – We think we got rid of the spammers!! Cross your fingers!

6 – You can now chat on the page with whomever is online…if you want! :)  Look for mini-Chat on the main page.

7 – The header menu is now integrated with our main website.  Much easier!

As always, we are open to comments and suggestions…if something doesn’t work then we can nix it or fix it…and if you have other great ideas then let us know and we will try to make it happen. All of the updates should be live by the end of the day. Well, enough of our babbling!! Go check out THE PINK ROOM!!

tokidoki x Ju-Ju-Be Trunk Show at Ron Robinson!!

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Amazing day! Team Ju-Ju-Be wants to thank everyone who came out for the event!

HUGE thank yous to Fred Segal/Ron Robinson for hosting this GREAT Trunk Show and to their buyer, Jennifer and owner, Karen…they rock our socks off!

And another HUGE thanks to team tokidoki, Emily and Brooke!! We HEART you!

ENJOY the PIX!!! (Fun star sightings too!! Ellen…yes, THE Ellen (no pic), Jacqueline of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” with her Iconic Be All, AND last but not least…Jeff Gordon, everyone’s favorite race car driver!)


Team Ju-Ju-Be

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