Earth Leather…Lilac and Hot Pink and Teal…Oh My!

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We have had a myriad of requests for new Earth Leather combos…new outside colors, new inside colors…so we took your requests and ran with it!! This is what we came up with…Sit Back, Relax and ENJOY!!!



Behave in Steel/Lilac


Behave in Steel/Lilac


Behave in Steel/Lilac


Behave in Steel/Lilac


Be Major in Steel/Lilac

Steel/Lilac (available 2/15/11): Behave, Be Major, Be Rich, Be Thrifty, Business Be

Steel/Lilac (available 4/15/11): Be Quick

Black/Hot Pink

IMG_7405_cxBe Fabulous in Black/Hot Pink


Behave in Black/Hot Pink

IMG_8918Behave in Black/Hot Pink

IMG_9225Be Fabulous in Black/Hot Pink

Black/Hot Pink (available 2/15/11): Behave, Be Fabulous, Mighty Be, Be Quick, Be Major, Be Rich, Be Thrifty, Business Be



Be Fabulous in Brown/Teal


Be Major in Brown/Teal


Behave in Brown/Teal


Behave in Brown/Teal

Brown/Teal (available 2/15/11): Behave, Be Fabulous, Mighty Be, Be Quick, Be Major, Be Rich, Be Thrifty, Business Be

If you are new to Ju-Ju-Be then you might be saying…”What is Earth Leather?” Well, let me tell you!!! At Ju-Ju-Be, we are fun and funky, but we are smart and concerned too. When we started our quest for a fashion extension in our line, we needed a material that didn’t exist yet. We wanted something as supple and durable as leather, but without the impact on the enviornment that tanned animal hides have. We also wanted one more critical thing that we thought was going to be a a pipe dream…we wanted it to be machine washable. After countless hours of engineering and research, we’ve got it! We’re proud of it. We love it. Earth Leather. Found in our Legacy Collection, we feel that we’re leaving a legacy for the future. As you purchase the bags and feel the quality, you’ll know that you’ve purchased a legacy item that is sure to become an heirloom in your family too!

All of the above color combos are available for pre-order at your favorite etailer or at the end of January…stay tuned for the exact date.

If you don’t want to wait then enjoy one of our original color combos TODAY…

Behave Legacy Black Inside

Black/Dizzy Daisies Behave

BeFabulous Legacy Brown Closeup Inside

Brown/Zany Zinnias Be Fabulous

  • TR

    Um, I was not expecting to love an EL reveal, but I am LOVING that brown/teal!! It is AWESOME!!!! Seriously awesome! And I am so excited that it comes on the accessories!! Thanks JJB!

  • Dianne (dianne9106)

    Love the Steel! It makes it so I don’t have to choose between black or brown – LOL!

  • Brenda

    Oh,my, oh, my!!!! I am in big trouble! I love that Behave!!!!! Love the color combos!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!All of them! More teal please in the future!!!!!!

  • Brittany Armstrong

    OMG I HAVE to have a steel/lilac Behave!! I am sooo excited!! 🙂

  • Megan H.

    Thank you! THANK YOU!!!
    *sigh* I’m going to keep looking at that black/pink until February!!

  • Arena Thompson

    Is it Christmas yet? I’m going to have to add the Behave to my christmas list!!!

  • GatorMommy

    Oh my….LOVE!

  • Amal

    Wow! My diaper days may be over but the Steel/Lilac BeHave is calling me! Glad I waited for the new colors, this is gorgeous! Can’t wait to order!

    P.S. Brown/Teal is a lovely combo, too!

  • Lexi

    OMG OMG OMG I am glad to have my full time job WOW I LOVE LOVE LOVE the slate AND of course black WOW thanks for doing the black with the hot pink interior

    Gotta save my pennies now LOL

  • Lexi

    oops steel NOT slate

  • Krick McKay

    I love the new colors! I know you cant make everything in everything, but it would be really awesome if you could custom order your behave with differant lining. I would love a black one with either lilac inside or the Zany Zinnias! Im not much of a brown person, although it is tempting to get the Zany Zinnias 🙂

  • Mandi

    Love, love, love!! ALL of them!! Thank you, JJB!! 🙂

  • yuki

    this is what i have been waiting for!!!!!!!! im not sure what color to get now, there are all beautiful!!!!!! thanks jujube!!!!!!

  • Stephanie


  • Julie Dawson

    Omg… the new colours and combinations are to die for. I can visualise a lot of happy PL’s. Call 911 as we have all passed out from the excitement!!

  • Victoria

    OMGosh!! Teal!! There will be some made up PLs!

  • Amy @MommyMentor

    The lilac and teal linings are so pretty! Way to go JJB!

  • Mer

    WOW. Just wow. I do not have enough money to keep up 🙂

  • Angela (ang407)

    WOWZA!!!!! You guys really hit it out of the park with these reveals!!! The steel/purple and the black/pink on behave is TO.DIE.FOR!!!!! Thanks JJB for always giving us crazy PL what we’ve been asking for!!!! 😀

  • Tina

    I’ve been around for a half-dozen reveals now and I must say you guys never cease to amaze!! You have out-done yourselves again!! The only bad thing about it is it makes me want to spend lots of $$ I don’t have! :o)