Gift idea #7: Pacipods, pacipods, pacipods!

By December 9, 2009Contests

On the seventh day of Awesomeness, Ju-Ju-Be gave to me, Pacipods hanging from a festive tree!


‘Twas the night before the holidays and all thru the Ju-Ju-Be
Not a pacifier was found as far as a new mama could see

The Pacipods were hung from the diaper bags with care
In the hopes that a crying baby could be helped right there

The mamas were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of more Ju-Ju-Bes danced in their heads

Kristin with her snowboard, Joe with his Sprinkles
Had just designed more bags, their eyes all a twinkle

When in the Pink Room arose such a clatter
The mods sprung to see what was the matter

Away to the message board, they flew like a flash
Tore open the posts and hoped the board hadn’t crashed

Ju-Ju-Be fans were just super excited to know
That THREE of them would win a Pacipod below

Then what to their wondering eyes should appear,
But the pacifiers they thought had been eaten by reindeer!

In looks so pretty, the Pacipods came
And Ju-Ju-Be gave them all pretty names

“Now Champagne Bubbles! Now Cinnamon/Champagne!
On Zany Zinnias! On Cloud Break! On Lotus Lullaby!

Easily found although pacis are small!
To the top of the diaper bag! No more lost pacis for all!”

paci clean group line

Today we’re excited to choose THREE winners, and each one will receive a Pacipod of our choice! (Prize options include Lotus Lullaby, Champagne Bubbles and Black/Silver, to be assigned to each winner randomly.)

Whether you decide to fill it with pacis or with other fun items and treats that keep little ones happy, you’re sure to love your Pacipod. (Others on your holiday shopping list will love ’em, too!)

To enter to win, leave a comment below with your Pink Room name and what you’d keep in a Pacipod!

The winners will be chosen at random. Contest ends tonight at midnight, PST.

Contest has ended. Congrats to:

Jazmine123 (Lotus Lullaby)
Butterflyjuju (Champagne Bubbles)
ShawnaAndRachel (Black/Silver)


  • Jennifer (Hodgkiss1122)


    I would give it to my friend who is due to have a baby any day now! I am sure she would use it for a pacifier!

  • Aimee Zachariou (mommyingreece)

    ooo, I have been dying to try one of these, but don’t have any kids that use one….maybe my next one will, or I can use it for tons of other little things I have lying at the bottom of my bag LOL!!

  • Haane (isazrainbow)

    ds is still young enough, so paci pods are still being used for pacis around here!

  • Jane (jfuzak)

    I would use it for my new baby…pacis! 🙂

  • Brieanne

    OOO I haven’t bought one of these yet because DD doesn’t take a paci but I have heard of other things you can use them for so now I want one 😀

  • Moira(moira)

    This would make a great gift for my expecting friend 🙂

  • Shelly (rokkstrmom)

    I would actually use the paci-pod for pacifiers. My LO is only 1 and with #4 due here in Feb I will have plenty of uses for one!

  • Kathryn (2babyboys)

    I would love a PaciPod to keep my son’s spare suckies in!

  • Carolyn (pickled tink)

    Believe it or not, I think I would use this as a mini wallet!!! Just attach it to my keychain, stuff in some change and a few bills, maybe a chap stick, and head on out!

  • Kelly

    For a paci!


  • Kim (sayrebear)

    Id keep my newborn’s pacifiers in it! Currently his reside in the ugliest most unstylish plastic holder!

  • Tiffanie (smalltownmama)

    Fun! I can’t decide if I would keep it or give it to a friend of mine who is a JJB admirer.

  • chana

    i think i’d use it for change or for my little ones little snacks when out and about!

  • Jewels (Julie)

    I’ve been eyeing these up. They are so cute! If I won I would give it to my little lady who is 18mths old. She loves purses and her soothers. She likes to just carry them around just holding them in her hands but then I can never find them when I need them. I was just thinking today that she needs a “bag” to put them in so she can carry them around with her . . . especially when she is sick which she is today.

  • I would put ds treasures in his….he loves to have his little guys and mini skateboards in a zip case, then he can zip & unzip, zip & unzip and so on!

  • Robin (Twynk)

    I like Carolyn’s idea of a mini purse! I’d probably use mine to hold my DivaCup.

  • lexi (pinkfrog)

    Since I’m in the giving mood it would go to a friend who just had her first baby 😀

  • Elissa

    Diva Cup holder! Hahaha! I love it 🙂

    I would probably use it as a change purse.

  • Heather (ready4baby)

    I would love to have a paci pod to keep my lip balms and hair ties in!

  • My son stopped using paci at 7 months, but I still want one. My SIL is pregnant, and this is going to be a cute gift for her.

  • Crystal (ixadorexpink)

    I would use the pacipod for pacifiers.

  • Ryan (coloradomama)

    I have three Pacipods. One for each of my sons to hold small toys when we go out. One for myself. It’s Cinn/Ch and fits my inhaler perfectly. If I won I’d give it to my DH b/c he needs something to hold his contacts case and travel size bottle of solution when he goes to play hockey, lol!

  • Melina (Mellyna)

    As I’ve got 2 little girls, I use my paci pod for our hair accessories. I use the elasticated bits in the pod for clips and such. Other bits are allowed to float free.

  • Kristy (Kristy121)

    I would use mine for a change purse, its perfect and you can attach it to the clip in the bag to keep in handy!

  • caroline (caroline)

    my daughter, like her brothers, does not like pacifiers, so i plan on using this for her cute little hair clips and ties. these are so cute. or for coins/change, ‘cuz there’s always spare change lying around but never near when you need it!!

  • Vanessa (Snoopy)

    Oh how cute! 🙂 We keep pacis in our Paci Pods at our house! 🙂

  • Kayla (my_baby’s_mama)

    I woudl use it to carry a pacifier for my next baby. 🙂 Du ein April

  • Ali (eduws)

    Oooh, I love my pacipods, I have lotus and zz already and use them for soothers. I would most likely gift mine to one of my many friends who have just had babies 🙂
    Ali (eduws)

  • Marisa

    I’d keep pacis!! Two of them, since unfortunately we still have two with pacis (and two in diapers!!). If I’ve got to keep track of two pacis at least I can be cute about the whole thing!!!

    Thanks JJB!

  • I would love to try a pacipod! LO #2 is on the way and would use it for pacifiers or DSs teething tablets and Tylenol 🙂

  • Crystal (lynn4)

    I would use it to store paci’s for my 2 LOs

  • Tara (Tarabe)

    Dane was never a Paci lover… but my firend is having a baby, and that would be a great baby shower gift!

  • little (allthingslittle)

    Why, pacis for my new baby would go in the pacipod! How exciting 🙂

  • Jen (2lilmonkeys)

    I would use the paci pod for a small tube of hand cream, some aquaphor and a chapstick. We’re dealing with the cold, dry weather here!

  • Frances (diaperbagsnob)

    I would keep a small first aid kit in my Paci Pod!

  • Denise Penguinchick3

    We keep little teether rings or a FP Little People in DD’s ZZ paci pod. She also just loves to shake it and here the fun sound the zipper makes. So many uses for this little JJB Jem.

  • Kat (katmommy)

    I would give it to my sister in law- I’ve seen what its like for her when she cant find a pacifier

  • cecilia (cms330)

    These are great for keeping my cell phone accessories handy in my bag!

  • debflinch (debflinch)

    Most likely I would give it away since I already have 2 BS and LL… However it would make a great little case for all my DDs Barbie shoes and tiny accessories.

  • Marissa (mariss03)

    Great poem!!! Perfect holder for a couple of little toy animals.

  • Kati (Chatakat)

    Pacipods are still used for paci’s around here, when we’re done with babies, I’d use it for hair accesories. 🙂

  • Kelliea

    I would use it for my daughter she is a paci junkie

  • Caron (cboggs)

    Love to try a paci pod for a paci.

  • Jennifer (jazmine123)

    I would use it for a mini first aid kit. In another 6 months or so, I would probably let the kiddo have it for carrying small toys when we are out.

  • Dawn (dawnsox)

    change in my daughters lunch box, for milk money

  • Jennifer (jpsandberg)

    I just had the inspiration to keep my diabetic son’s sugar tabs in it. That way, when he’s low, I don’t have to have a frantic dig-around to find them!

  • Richelle (rguinigundo)

    I am in need of one of these. My poor LL mini looks so bad with a Nam blue one hanging from her.

    BTW Nanette: I love the post!!!!!

  • Mary (yurtlesmom)

    I put my kids treats (fish, fruit snacks, etc) in there! They think they are so cool walking around with them around their wrist. I love how I zip & no spill in my bag!

  • Sarah(CamSophAshLan)

    FUN!! I would love to give one to my friend!! 🙂

  • My baby doesn’t like his pacifier, so I would use it for Little People or cars for him when he is older. For now, if it would fit, I would use it to carry his medicine syringes. I carry his medicine around in a Sippie Rocket packed with ice sticks.

    I would let my daughter use it for DS games or Littlest Pet Shops. She often carries them around in her pockets and we have had to back track through stores to find the ones that have fallen out!

  • Meg (Nutmeg)

    Mia’s paci of course! And if it were for me, I’d keep my stash of teabags for work :o)

  • Kathleen (mintoad)

    Well, pacifiers, of course! I have 2 kids that use them right now so it’d be perfect! After we’re done with pacifiers, who knows but I’m sure I’d find a really good use for it!

  • Danielle (dannibrown)

    Love the rhyme! I have two and love them. I’d love to pass one on to a new mamma I know.

  • Leah (njsjmom)

    I’d love to win one. I’d keep my son’s soother in it.

  • Marie (geekmommy)

    We love putting in a surprise toy for DD to unzip and find! A small “person”, a block, or even a cracker! They wash after all!

  • Jaime(sparkii)

    Well, the camera gal that I am, I’ll keep all my memory cards in one place!
    And then once my 2 year old discovers thats whats in it, I will put a couple coins or “monie” and it will be her purse!

  • jackie (lovebug)

    Right now a pacipod would be perfect for my daughter who keeps losing her pacifiers and then for the baby due in June!

  • Maryanne (Adriatica)

    I’d keep my iPod Shuffle and my bluetooth headset. The Paci Pod is too cute!

  • smiles81

    I would keep a paci. Though she is 3, my daughter is an addict!

  • Catherine (Isabellasmommy)

    Well I keep the most obvious in there, 2 Paci’s in case one gets lost :O

  • LaNessa (3babiestolove

    These make great gifts at baby showers.

  • Caity (spinnymarie)


  • Becca (jackattack)

    We don’t use pacis but I bet I could find a million things to keep in one!

  • I’ve already got two – I just LOVE my paci pods!!!! Cinnnamon is on her way to me right now! They’re very cute, and right now I am using them for Pacis – but they’d be perfect for my mommy goodies (I’m a candy-aholic) once he outgrows that! I always need a quick pick me up when I’m out with the kids, what better a place to keep them in my super cute pod!!!

  • mamamia2

    I have never had a paci pod 🙁
    But would love to try one out so I could see how it would work for me:)

  • Teresa (McBaby0808)

    I have a pacipod that I’m using to keep actual pacis in for now. But I was thinking that it’d be great to have another pacipod for DD to keep some small toys in to keep her occupied in a pinch when we’re out and about!

  • jaime (butterflylee)

    I would use it for hair ties and hair clips for my girls. My newborn won’t take a paci.

  • Ramona (homeinheart)

    I would gift it to my brother and his wife since they are getting ready to have twins soon, and they could use it for paci’s since they like pacifiers!

  • Lina (LinaEliza)

    awwww, I would loooooove champagne bubbles pacipod, it would go so well with my CB BeAll.

  • Ann (murrietamama)

    i would like to put bandaids and alcohol pads in there!

  • Robyn (RCCway)

    Hair clips and bows for when DD actually gets hair!! 🙂

  • Mandi (savannahsmommy)

    I would give it to my DD so she can put her little toys in it. She loves to carry around JJB! 🙂

  • Taz

    I would use a paci pod for keeping my lipglosses in. 😉 Taz

  • My son never took a pacifier, but I’d love one for hiding the mini bottles of hand sanitizer.

  • DeenaMarie1977

    I would use it to hold hair ties for my girls 🙂

    Pink Room: DeenaMarie1977

  • Victoria (Tengo5)

    I love the idea of using them for tea bags and also for hair stuff. I need something for my 3 girls hair.

  • Jayme (jlodea)

    The pacipod comes in quite handy. We’ve used ours for earplugs, hair bows, leapster games, etc.

  • Mary (willsmommy)

    My DH and I are trying for baby #2 and this could come in very handy! Until baby #2 gets here, it could be used to hold small cars for my DS 🙂

  • Trina (babyno4)

    My son’s pacifiers of course! When he is done with it who knows, maybe money or my daughters’ hair accesories.

  • Cheesemungas

    I would make a mini first aid kit. Multi colored bandaids, neosporin on the go, stickers and some little candies to help make the boo-boo feel better. Stylish and practical! 😀

  • JuLinda (butterflyjuju)

    Besides Pacis, I have a toy duck in one. I also have hair clips and motrin in another.

  • Susanne(Susanne)

    I would keep all my DD’s teeny tiny hair elastics and clips that keep on getting lost in the bottom of my bag.

    BTW I love the Twas the Night before JJB style….very creative!!

  • Danea (Danea)

    A pacipod would be fabulous to put DD’s hair accessories, you just never know when you need a clip, bow, or ponytail holder!!!

  • Sarah (1979sunshine)

    I’d love a pacipod just for DD to take with her with one bow and a few ponytail holders for when she has overnights at the grandparents. 😀

  • Shawna (ShawnaAndRachel)Serna

    I would definitely be keeping my little one’s binky in mine! We always need a safe place for it when it is not in her mouth…I have a habit of losing things that aren’t in their “safe” place.
    If it were for me…I think I’d keep my keys in it!

  • Nichole (treegardner)

    I’d keep hair ties and lip gloss in mine.

  • Jenn (LadyJ)

    INELIGIBLE – love your ode to a pacipod. 😀 i have a gorgeous ZZ pacipod and love it! 🙂

  • bmckay

    I’d keep my spare change

  • Kayla (theycallmemommy)

    Oooo… Paci pods, Ivve never had one, i would the paci in it so it doesnt get all linty in the bag. eww.

  • mari (graciethewonderbeagle)

    my ibuprofen and allergy pills! 🙂

  • If I had a paciholder I would keep my dd head bands!


  • Stephanie Horning


    I think a paci pod would be great to loop through my son’s belt loops so he can keep a few matchbox cars with him when we are out.

  • Andrea Cottongim (maman123)

    I would use them for snacks for the kids and chapsticks and pacis for me and the baby! 🙂 The girls like to use them as purses! 🙂