Hi future pink ladies!

Welcome to the pink room!

We can’t wait for you to register and become a pink lady! What IS a pink lady, you say? Well…we think it’s probably something different to everyone. But at the very least it is a love for Ju-Ju-Be bags and a unique cyber-friendship with amazing women! Pop in and say hello and ask the ladies what it means to them!

You should get an email after you register…follow the instructions and you will automatically be registered. If you don’t get an approval, send an email to info@ju-ju-be.com with your username so we can find your account and get you activated!

A few words about Rules – Yes, the Pink Room RULES for sure! But this isn’t a post about how much everyone RULES…it is actually a list of a few rules to abide by and a few helpful hints as well!

1- R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Be respectful to everyone…if you want to debate hot topics, there are other forums that love that. We are all about fluff and fun and chubby babies, …okay, well maybe that’s a bit overboard but you get the picture!! Let’s all play nice.

2- Your name will define you!

Pick your user name wisely….a lot of people don’t realize how addicting the Pink Room is so they just use their real name. They think they will come in here once or twice to buy or sell a bag and then they fall in love with everything PINK! Often those friends want their name changed for privacy reasons, so we ask that you please pick your name wisely otherwise it gets confusing for people when your name has suddenly changed.

3- 2,500 Posts

This is a fun one! When you get to 2,500 posts, you get to pick your very own special Pink Room name. Just post your name request in the “Questions for Ju-Ju-Be” forum and we will change it for you!


Just a disclaimer… the opinions stated on this board, by the members, are not the opinions of Ju-Ju-Be…blah, blah, blah (does that pass for a legal disclaimer?)

5- Keep it clean.

No naughty words. No pornography. No racism. No hate. No spam. You get the picture…right? Nothing you wouldn’t want your kids to say or do.

6- NO Tolerance.

There is a no tolerance rule for personally attacking other members of this board. Those posts will be deleted and the member will be banned. You can have an opposing viewpoint and state it respectfully but no personal attacks.


A word about Moderators. Mods are volunteers that give their valuable time to help keep the board a fun place for everyone. They try hard to be fair but cannot be everywhere. For this reason, please use the above rules as a guideline. If you see a problem, please contact any of the moderators and note that they have the final say in any situation that you report. They will evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis and take appropriate action where needed. If necessary they will take the following steps to relieve a situation

  • 1-Private Message warning to offender
  • 2-warning on offenders account
  • 3-Private Message second warning
  • 4-second warning on account
  • 5-third warning on account and possible denied access


We are a business and therefore we attempt not to work on the weekend. If you need something after 5:00pm PST, please note that we will get to you on Monday as soon as we can! If you want Ju-Ju-Be to respond specifically to your questions (often the mods and pink ladies can answer almost anything!) please post in the “Questions for Ju-Ju-Be” Forum.


This is the most important rule! Pink Ladies RULE and those are the Pink Lady Rules!