Ju Ju Be Be Major Wallet, Navy Berry | Baby Store review

By March 16, 2011Uncategorized

The Ju Ju Be Be Major Wallet Wristlet! Isn’t she beautiful???? The big sister to the Be Mine with even more WONDERFUL features! On the inside…driver’s license pocket, two loops for lipstick, chapstick, etc., a cute little mirror, a ju-ju-be pen, a small zippered pocket, key fob, a slot for cash and two large picture pockets. Whew! Ju Ju Be thought of EVERYTHING! Next you have lots of credit card slots and a spot for your checkbook on the right hand side…Ju Ju Be listened!!! And as usual came up with the best of the best with the help of unbelievable suggestions! You can take it out if you want. There is a long zippered area on the inside to hold more cards or coupons and a zippered pocket on the outside to hold change. And you can access your phone very easily from the outside…just in the front pocket that has a snap…no magnets!!!! And it comes with two straps-a short one and a long one There are three little d-rings so you can carry it in different ways….on the top so you can carry it vertically or on the side so you can carry it horizontally. You can attach the strap to the same d-ring like a wristlet or make it look more like a small clutch with the strap on a different d-ring. Make sense??? MAJOR FUN!

  • Teflon™ treated outer fabric and AglON protected linings, easy clean up and anti-microbial
  • Pockets for everything- driver’s license, cell phone, change, credit cards, pictures, etc
  • Loop for lip gloss and extendible pen (included)
  • 2 extender straps included- one short (wristlet = 8″ drop), one long (purse style = 24″ drop)
  • Mini mirror

Gotta love these reviews!

  • amber kennedy

    I cannot find all the available prints in the wristlet…it looks like only a few are available! it never used to be that way! has it changed???? i am looking to order about 5 different ones…bright colors HELP 🙂

    • I’m afraid that is all that we have available right now…hoping to have more or something similar in the near future. You might be able to find some of the Be Mine or Be Major wristlets at some of our great etailers/retailers. THX!!!

  • Dina

    Can you please tell me the dimensions of the pocket you put your cell phone in? I am trying to see if my Samsung Galaxy S2 will fit. Thank you!