Love at First Sight!

By January 18, 2012Prints, Reveals, Uncategorized

A soft stroll, hand in
hand. A pause while
pushing the pram beside
the old oak tree where
ages ago they shared their
first kiss. Taking time to
etch an homage to their
new addition. A new
carving in the tree:

Love at First Sight

Introducing Sweet Hearts!

[nggallery id=35]


Sweet Hearts available in:


Be All

Mighty Be

Be Quick

Fuel Cell

Paci Pod

Be Tagged

Be Neat

Memory Foam Changing Pad

Sweet Hearts has silver lining. 🙂

Sweet Hearts will start shipping to customers by Valentine’s Day!!! How fitting!

Stay tuned for our last reveal tomorrow!!!!

  • Amanda

    I want that coin purse!!! So cute!

  • Summer

    This will be so cute on a quick!

  • Sarah S.

    I LOVE this print and the colors! Do you ever envision it going on a Be Tween? I need to get something smaller than my BFF.

  • elle

    LOVE this one!!! and i’m thinking these pics were taken at the spectrum … am i right?

    • Good eye!! You are right!! 🙂

      • elle

        hehe i know that place too well really … 😉

        • elle

          oh wait, no quicks in this?

          • elle

            lol nm just saw it …. 😉

  • Misty LoPresti

    Really wish this print along.with some other new ones would come on smaller full featured bags like the between. Love this print though!

  • Kim

    Love this! Will this ever be offered in a Be Prepared??