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Here is how it all started, some years ago… Like many others we jumped aboard the celebrity baby bandwagon to promote our brand. We thought, “That’s what everyone else is doing, so why shouldn’t we?!” Well, we gave away some of our bags to some celebrity moms and dads, but something just did not feel right. I mean, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE it when our bags show up in People magazine and on television, BUT we knew the right thing to do was to give our bags to REAL MOMS! Moms that need them most, moms that are in the trenches every day, moms like YOU!

You don’t have chefs, maids, chauffeurs, a personal assistant and loads of money. You don’t have paparazzi following your every move or an agent giving you free products. YOU have real life insight and experience. YOU have loads of laundry, dinner to cook and dishes to clean, stickers on the wall and Goldfish crackers in the couch cushions. You’ve stepped on Legos, played peek-a-boo and lost countless hours of sleep. The Real Mom Giveaway is in honor of YOU, your friends and your REAL LIFE.

So, what is the Real Mom Giveaway, you ask?! It’s simple…we give real bags to real moms, every week. Every Monday we will post a new topic or theme requesting you to SHARE something with us! We may ask you to share anything from favorite recipes to mommy tips and tricks to silly stories about your little ones. We may ask you to nominate someone else who deserves to win…perhaps your sister, neighbor, a school teacher or another mom in your world. We might even throw out opportunities to nominate dad, since he is an everyday hero as well! You don’t have to be a bestselling author to enter; we just want to hear real stories and fun facts from real moms! Even though the winner will be selected at random, just rest assured that we are all getting to know each other really well, learning from each other, laughing with each other and knowing that we are not alone. The Real Mom Giveaway celebrates parenthood and all that comes along with it! Head to the Pink Room now to make sure you are registered!


  • Every Monday there will be a new request. Winners will be selected the following Monday (unless, it’s a holiday and we are closed…we like to have fun, too!). In that case, the winner will be selected the following day, Tuesday.
  • All submissions are to be entered through the Pink Room (no emails!).
  • Submissions must come from a registered Pink Room user with a valid email (this way we can easily find you).
  • Start a NEW TOPIC for each submission in the correct week. Do NOT reply to someone else’s submission with yours or it won’t be counted. As always feel free to reply/comment to others with words of encouragement, etc.!
  • Keep it friendly and clean. Remember, it’s not a competition! We are getting to know each other!
  • You can only win once, but please continue to play along with your stories and insights!
  • There is no need to submit your personal address, etc. If you are the winner, we will EMAIL you for your shipping address!
  • Real Mom Giveaway is open to our friends around the world. (Yes, we love you all!)

real mom giveaway