At Ju-Ju-Be we like to think we are really smart…but the truth is that we just have really smart friends. We scour the world for the best companies to partner up with, and it makes our bags great. It’s kind of fun, since now that we’re known for being the pioneers in the bag industry, people seek us out to share the latest and greatest technologies with us. We’re happy to oblige and put their smarts to work. Here are two of our favorite partners:

Teflon™ fabric protector repel and release technologies can make every Ju-Ju-Be perform its best. In our awesome bags, Teflon™ fends off soil, stains and without impacting the fabric’s weight, look, feel, color or breathability. Teflon™ makes it easier to keep the bags looking fresh and clean. Other companies have been working hard to duplicate it, but they just can’t match the superior stain protection of Teflon™.

• Superior oil and water repellency with high durability
• Fabrics avoid stains: saves time, dries quicker, saves energy
• Will not change the look, quality, hand or color of textiles
• Minimal environmental footprint* without compromising performance
• Products are listed on existing global regulatory clearances
• Based on short-chain molecules that cannot breakdown to PFOA in the environment

In testing, items treated with Teflon™ fabric protector:
• Helped prevent the need to wash or spot clean because liquids beaded up and rolled off
• Reduced detergent use and the need for repetitive washing
• Removed stains at lower wash temperatures versus untreated fabrics
• Allowed fabrics to dry 25 percent faster than untreated fabrics using either tumble dry or air dry

Environmental Advantages of Teflon™
Because Teflon™ fabric protector helps repel and release stains, it can reduce the need for laundering and dry cleaning. That means you’ll be doing less washing, using lower wash and dry temperatures and have less wear and tear on fabrics. By helping you reduce your water and energy usage and increasing the fabric’s usable life, Teflon™ fabric protector helps you have less impact on the planet.


What is it?

We’ll let you read from the AgION® experts themselves:
The cornerstone of Agion® technology is silver, a naturally occurring and highly effective antimicrobial agent. Silver has long been known for its antimicrobial properties and Agion®’s zeolite carrier is mineral based and allows “smart” release – slow and steady when necessary. Agion® technology operates at the surface of a product through the controlled release of silver ions which attack microbes and inhibit their growth in three different ways. We offer a variety of silver-based technologies to suit various manufacturing and product requirements.

Want to know how it works? Check this out. (We told you that we have smart friends.)
JuJuBe, Teflon
Agion® antimicrobial solutions incorporate silver ions in a zeolite carrier. The silver ions exchange with other positive ions (often sodium) from the moisture in the environment, effecting a release of silver “on demand”. The patented multi-faceted zeolite crystal carrier provides a three dimensional release mechanism (Figure 1) that provides efficient release of silver ions independent of particle orientation in the substrate.

JuJuBe, Teflon
Figure 2 shows the ion exchange process. Zeolite crystals containing silver ions are randomly oriented and distributed through the surface of a fiber, polymer or coating. In conditions that support bacterial growth, positive ions, in ambient moisture, exchange with silver ions at reversible bonding sites on the zeolite. The exchanged silver ions are now available to control microbial growth.

Fighting microbes in three ways

Silver ions attack multiple targets in the microbe to prevent it from growing to a destructive population. This tri-modal action fights cell growth in three ways:

1. Prevents respiration by inhibiting transport functions in the cell wall
2. Inhibits cell division (reproduction)
3. Disrupts cell metabolism

Depending on the microorganism, Agion® antimicrobial technology has been shown to initially reduce microbial populate ions within minutes to hours while maintaining optimal performance for years.

Bottom Line

AgION® helps cut down on odors and those nasty things that grow in the dark!!!

(Put this in really small print.) Note: We have some people that spill a bottle in their bag and leave it for two weeks in a hot car…AgION® helps, but it can’t make up for some basic common sense!