WannaBe in Action

By February 13, 2010Ju-Ju-Be Life
  • Amy

    No snow here but rain, rain and more rain. I wanna go to the beach!

  • Erika T.

    Can I stick my tongue out? Jesh…

  • Kathleen

    Cruel! That’s just torture! Looks beautiful though.

  • Kris

    You have 80 deg, but we have a seven foot snowman, and more snow on the way!! I can wait a few more months for summer weather. I love SNOW!

  • Okay, ditto on the sticking out the tongue!!!! We’ve still got like 8 inches of snow here! Grrrrrr . . . 😉

  • Nutmeg

    Ok that is just mean! LOL! But great photo. Oh and I’m coming to visit – save me a beach chair 🙂