What’s the Pink Room?

Pink Room

The Pink Room is the ultimate Ju-Ju-Be fans’ place to mix & mingle, sell & socialize.

Sign up for the Pink Room today, and share stories about your l’il ones, or just discover a new trick … you’d love to know if another clever mommy posted about how to get carrot stains out of her beloved bag.  Go join the Pink Room.

Just so you know what it is… it’s a discussion board!  If you are new to discussion boards, then knowing a few things will help you find your way around:

First all, there are some big categories that will get you started.  “All Ju-Ju-Be” has stuff that’s about the company.  “Bag Swap” is popular if you’re looking for looking to add to or change up your “stash” (collection of bags).

Then there are forums which are places to group the same types of topics.  “Family Matters” has all topics about family matters for example.  One of the most popular forums is “Bags Only”…you can probably figure out what we talk about in there!!

Once you are in a forum you can see all the topics … threads of discussion that you can reply to, or you can start your own!   Some topics get very popular and generate multiple pages of responses!

You can also manage your profile and customize the Pink Room to fit your super style.  Add a picture to show off you and your kiddos, or spice up your signature with all the details of you stash.  Maybe you just want to change the background to match the bag you just bought…Super fun!

So don’t be afraid … a lot of ladies tell us that they spend a lot of time browsing and reading before they get the gumption up to make their first post.  No need to wait…Start today!!  Warning, you’ll find it gets a little addictive.  Having all those new fun friends is awesome!