3 Ways to Style a Holiday Shelf

By June 29, 2017Lifestyle

I so wish that I had a fireplace with a mantle in my house. I don’t, so I settle for a long shelf above our TV in the living room. Whether it’s the top of a book shelf, a fireplace mantle, or a floating shelf on the wall, your surface needs some love! I love changing up my shelf for each holiday. I had a lot of fun with a Fourth of July shelf! Here are 3 different ways to style a shelf for the Fourth of July that can be applied to any holiday!

Keep It Simple

I love using chalkboards in my decorating. You can also use a letter-board, which is super modern and clean. I want one so badly! I might have to get myself one for an early birthday present. Or a late Mother’s Day present. Or for a Monday present. Anyways, if you want a simple look you have to keep your materials simple (duh). Stick to the same color and use no more than 3 pieces in your decoration. I like to work on three different levels and use unique pieces. I love this large number 4! It is a unique way to recognize the fourth, without being cheesy. The cotton adds texture to the look and is, well, adorable.

Working with An Angle

This style is a little more eclectic. We’ve got color, shapes, and different sizes. What I like most about this is how the look slopes from the upper left corner to the bottom right with the cotton. I used a cotton wreath to add variety with shapes and texture. I love the clean, white look, but also wanted to make sure that red, white, and blue was used. Instead of putting one flag on each side, I put flags on one side and red, white, and blue fabric on the other. This created another angle with color in the bottom left corner and color in the top right corner. I also incorporated a lot of different shapes, which draws the eye in and gives people something to look at! The aloe vera is a fun pop of green to contrast all the white and patriotic colors!

Finding Balance

This is a classic and easy look. I created almost a mirrored image on either side of the shelf. I used two frames in the middle, white, and patriotic colors on either side. Using fabric, flags, cotton, and the large number 4 adds a lot of texture. I included a family picture, because I like my decorations to be personal and homey. I often use that little white cake stand in my shelf decorations, because it adds shape and height.

Whichever design you choose to use, pick items that you love! I love every piece I used in my shelf décor. Honestly, the American flags aren’t my favorite, because the colors are too bright for me. I washed them a few times before using them to give them a faded look. I don’t know if that is allowed. If it’s not, keep that between you and me!

How do you like to decorate for the Fourth of July?


By: Michelle Donner at Poppies and Peonies Floral Design