A little something for everyone.

A look into the different collections of Ju-Ju-Be.

The Legacy Collection

Choose from elegant black and white prints or a sophisticated color palette, but always finish with a hint of gold hardware. Legacy is here to reveal the power and beauty within.

The Onyx Collection

Featuring all matte black hardware with impressively fun linings to match. Modern prints for a modern world of innovative and savvy parents who demand only the best for their little ones.

The Nautical Collection

Beautiful navy and cream prints with a toasty champagne lining adorn the Nautical collection, giving you sophistication that can be dressed up or down.

Ju-Ju-Be Product Videos

Everything you need to know about our bags

Be Prepared


Be Classy

Be Right Back

Better Be


Be Set

Super Be

Be Light

Be Quick

Fuel Cell

Paci Pod

Caring for Your Bag

Learn how to wash your Ju-Ju-Be bags

How To: Wash Ju-Ju-Be and Kipling for the Best Results!

How To: Wash your Ju-Ju-Be bags

Never Give up on a Ju-Ju-Be: How to Deep Clean a Ju-Ju-Be Bag