01. Can I wash my Ju-Ju-Be?

YES! You can wash them, even the Earth Leather! Caring for your Ju-Ju-Be and accessories will prolong their long and healthy life and help keep them looking great. Here are the settings the we suggest for best results: Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle. Line Dry. …more washing tips of the trade
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02. When are you coming out with new styles and colors?

You can expect new and fun things from Ju-Ju-Be every season…phew!

03. How can I find out about the release of new products?

Read our blog and join our email list!

04. I lost my Bling!

You’ve lost your sparkle? Your bag just isn’t the same without it? Chin up little camper…just let us know exactly what part of which bag you lost your bling from (as there are different sizes). Pinky swear that you are not using replacement parts to bedazzle your jean jacket. Then send us an email:

Instructions to replace rhinestones are as follows:
1) Put a tiny bit of superglue on a toothpick. (preferably away from your bag in case of accidental superglue explosion)
2) Dab the end of the toothpick onto the indent on your zipper pull or be mine/be major star.
3) Press the rhinestone in.

05. Do you sell replacement changing pads?

Yes we do! Do you want a be light changing pad for your behave or be quick? Did you leave your memory foam changing pad behind at your favorite family restaurant? Please visit the “Spare Parts” area of the “Diaper Bags & Gear” section of our website! Happy Shopping!

06. Can I get a replacement strap for my bag?

Of course, we have a limited selection of replacement shoulder straps and backpack straps to fit most of our bags. Please visit the “Spare Parts” area of the “Diaper Bags & Gear” section of our website.

07. Are your bags and accessories pvc free?


08. Do Ju-Ju-Be bags pass the new CPSIA requirements for lead and phthalates?


09. Tell me about your smart magnets!

Okay, we like our smart magnets! They are quiet-so much better than Velcro which is loud and snags your clothes. They are easy to open and close when juggling a baby or groceries. However it’s good to play it smart! Before using any product near any magnets check the user manual or their website to see if there is a magnet warning. Here is a list to help keep all of your things safe:

CREDIT CARDS – SAFE! We have been carrying credit cards in our bags for over six years with no problems! If you like to be an extra super duper safety gal, put your cards inside a wallet or case, like our business be for extra protection.
CELL PHONES – SAFE! No problem-they don’t have magnetic data storage.
SMART CELL PHONES – Check with your instruction manual.
FLASH MEMORY PALM PILOTS – SAFE! Once again, if it has a hard drive, then you need to keep it away from magnets. Check your user manual.
DIGITAL CAMERA – SAFE! It should be okay…especially because I would assume it isn’t “naked” in the bag. You normally have it in a case right? It should be fine anyway!
iPods and MP3 players – NOT SAFE! Please check your user manuals, as many music players have hard drives that are susceptible to damage by strong magnets. The iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano do not have hard drives (they have flash based memory), so they would be safe.

MAGNETIZED HOTEL KEY CARDS, SUBWAY CARDS or THEME PARK FAST PASS TICKETS – NOT SAFE! These cards are quite susceptible to becoming demagnetized. Please keep them in your wallet or inside of a Business Be.

10. Tell me about Returns and Exchanges from Shop Ju-Ju-Be

Easy. Just go to our Returns page and read it all there! Click HERE to go there in a flash.
Quick note to save you some time….No returns or exchanges on clearance and sale items.

11. How long will it take to receive a refund or exchange?

Once we receive your return it will take approximately 5-7 business days for your return to be processed. During the holiday season, please allow an extra 3-5 business days. Once your return has been completed, you will receive an email confirming your refund.

12. Tell me about Returns and Exchanges on purchases from our retailer or online friends

(not purchased on shop.ju-ju-be.com)
Please contact your retailer or e-tailer for instructions on how they handle returns and exchanges. We are sure they will take great care of you!

13. I’d like to carry Ju-Ju-Be products in my store.

If you’re a retailer and would like information on how to carry Ju-Ju-Be in your store, email us at sales@ju-ju-be.com.

14. How do I find the size of a particular bag?

The dimensions are included in the description of every product. To view the detailed description of a product, click below the product name on “specs”. The dimensions are displayed in this order: W x H x D.

15. Can Ju-Ju-Be make me a bag that is not available on your website?

If your request is part of our Be Unique program, the answer is YES! Please email kk@ju-ju-be.com and she will help you build your own bag! If your request is not part of our Be Unique program, we apologize, but at this time we do not make any custom orders beyond our embroidery program. We also cannot make any modifications to bags that we currently sell. This includes adjusting the strap length, adding additional pockets or zippers, etc.

16. Fun Random Facts

– Fairytella was named for baby jujube ella
– unikiki was named after baby toki kiki?
– Just under 5000 balloons were used in our tradeshow booth
– Multiple people asked kk and kh if they could pop balloons during take down
– There were many people that asked us if they could shoot the booth with darts, bb guns, shot guns…or if we were using a pin to pop them
– (we used screwdrivers and scissors in case you wanted to know)
– We knocked over and broke a candy dish during take down when ¾ of the booth went down all at once. We cried we laughed so hard.