International Pink Lady Spotlight!!

Emma and DS in Scotland!

Emma and DS in Scotland!

First Name or user name?
emma (emmylou0)

How did you hear about JJB?
Surfing the internet, looking for a more “me” bag than the one my DH bought!

When did you join the Pink Room?
3 June 2010, DS was about to turn one & I awoke from my “new baby haze” ;-) Although I had found jjb a few months before I didn’t initially join the PR cause it’s not (usually!) my sort of thing

When did you realize you were a Pink Lady?
When I got my Lush Packabe & I couldn’t stop staring at her & smiling! (Smiling at a bag!!!)
Or was it when I started calling my bags her/she
Or when I said in a very stern voice to DS/DH/cat “step away from the jujube!”
Or when I realized i couldn’t fit my stash on my king size bed or in one photo!

Favourite print?

Lush Paisley! There will never be another like Lushie!

Favourite bag?
Well it was the BFF for a long time, but I have been really enjoying the lightness of the be hip; then there is the behave… (these last 2 were definite no’s to me, but all the hype in theย PR persuaded me to give them a try, and they were right!

Favourite thing about the Pink Room?
The Pink Ladies! Their support, kindness & generosity makes me smile every day. (Oh & FSOT! How else would I have got my beautiful stash to Scotland?!)

Favourite food?
Haggis! ha ha, no umm chocolate (chocolate covered haggis?) Well I do live near the fish & chip shop who came up with the deep fried Mars Bar!

Favourite book?
No time to read books, too busy in the PR!

Favourite movie?
Ok, showing my age here: Back to the Future, Top Gun, Pretty Woman & Dirty Dancing

Favourite t.v. show?
ER, it started the year I started training to be a Paramedic

Favourite vacation spot?
Vancouver Island (I love Orcas, we traveled round BC for our Honeymoon)

Funny jujube story?
Where I live jujube sightings are non existent. Then when I met Jen, one of only 3 Scottish PL’s to do some trading, we saw 2 in one day!!! Of course approached them & they thought we were crazy! We meet weekly now, but have never seen anymore (& you could spot us, we’re like a mobile jujube shop!) x

Emma's DS & Jen's 2 DS's at their weekly playdate!

Emma's DS & Jen's 2 DS's at their weekly playdate!

Edinburgh Castle and DD BFF!!

Edinburgh Castle and DD BFF!!

Lovin' the Lush Paisley!

Lovin' the Lush Paisley!

Pretty Cobalt Blossoms Be Hip with Lush!

Pretty Cobalt Blossoms Be Hip with Lush!

Love the Stash!

Love the Stash!

  • Nicky Saunders


    You’re so lucky to live in Scotland ๐Ÿ™‚ I was there about 10 years ago and I absolutely loved it. Edinburgh is beautiful. To live there amongst all the history and scenery would be amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cookmomx3

    Emma! Your ds is getting so big!!!!!! WOW! Love the shot with the castle in the back, and that IS a lot of JJB for a playdate!!! heeheee!!! Love the interview!

  • jenp81

    Yay! I just about deafened DH when I screamed “The Boys are on the Ju Ju Blog!”. Great interview Emma! See you soon x x x

  • Heather Thornton

    Love that stash Emma, but your son is the most adorable!

  • TwiceDaisy

    How lovely to ‘see’ you on here! We had out honeymoon in Edinburgh, it’s a beautiful, beautiful place.

  • Cori (seedoubleyou)

    Loch Lomond?

    <3 your stash!