It’s an honor just to be nominated…

…but we’d still LOVE to win!

For diaper bagJu-Ju-Be’s Packabe has been nominated for the first round of Nickelodeon’s 2010 Parents’ Picks Awards! The diaper bag category asks, “Which bags could easily serve as your baby command center (and not just a black hole for lost wipes, sippies and who knows what else)?”

We all know the answer to that, right? RIGHT?

We have 14 days to make sure the PackaBe makes it to the next round, which narrows it down from the 19 current nominations to the top 5 nominations. And then?!? Parents vote again from amongst those five until Aug. 31, and voila! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! (Winners announced Sept. 15.)

So, can we count on your votes, mamas? Help us share the Ju-Ju-Be love! You can vote DAILY — once per day per category!

You do have to register ONCE for the Nickelodeon site, but that takes just a sec. You don’t have to vote in each category each time — you can just go back to the diaper bag category and “click.” Easy peasy!

Just one more step toward total Ju-Ju-Be world domination!

  • Marie-Eve (PL : MEB999)


  • Amanda (octjuly)

    This is an easy one to vote for….the hard part is remembering every day (but I’m trying my best!).

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