Ju-Ju-Be hits the road!

By March 22, 2010Events

Q. What exactly is a “Ju-Ju-Be trunk show”?

A: A Ju-Ju-Be rep brings a plethora of bags and accessories to a retailer — usually more than what the retailer has in stock — to show new and existing customers what Ju-Ju-Be is all about! It’s a chance for them to feel and play with the bags, and in some cases, see the new prints and styles before they’re available to the general public!

Susan & Rachelle behind the table

Susan & Rachelle behind the table at last weekend's trunk show in Nordstrom's Kids Wear department at Costa Mesa, Calif.'s South Coast Plaza.

Q. Are there special sales at the trunk shows?

A. Sometimes there are incentives for buying a bag, as well as gift-with-purchases. This weekend’s show featured a coin purse in the new Dizzy Daisies print as a gift-with-purchase.


Oooooh! Ahhhh!

Q. Who attends the trunk shows?

A. Customers who happen to already be in the store or hear about the trunk show from the retailer, and in many cases, Ju-Ju-Be’s die-hard fans!


Pink Ladies represent!

Oh, and sometimes there are Ju-Ju-Be fans-in-training!

The littlest Pink Lady and Kristin

The littlest Pink Lady and Kristin

Q. What else can happen at a trunk show?

A. Well, in this case, when it was the first opportunity to check out the upcoming Earth Leather bags and accessories, Ju-Ju-Be’s fans closely examined the new bags and took lots and lots of pictures.




Q. WOW! That sounds great! Tell me more, tell me more!!!

A. Ok, ok! Hold your horses! Here are some more links:

Comparison pictures and videos

More gorgeous pictures

  • Crystal (Lynn4)

    Looks like so much fun!

  • Kathryn (2babyboys)

    When are you coming to T.O.? 😉

  • Nicole

    Whats that yellowy bag/wallet in the 5th picture??

  • Brieanne

    I agree with Kathryn, we need a T.O. trunk show (see you have to do it because it rhymes :))

  • seucrash

    Is there a way to know where and when you do trunk shows?

  • Fatimah (fgrimes21)

    Awww look at my tinky baby.

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