New Baby and Kid Products You’ll Wish You Could Get Your Hands On ASAP

By October 27, 2016Digital Magazines, Exposure

#21.  JuJuBe TokiDoki Collection

If you haven’t seen any of these wild Japanese-inspired prints popping up on your baby gear — there are now collaborations with strollers, bottles, layette, and more — you certainly will. Case in point: JuJuBe has partnered with the line in a range of colorful bags.


#104.  JuJuBe Itty Bitty Be

Let’s be real: There’s nothing cuter than this miniature diaper bag ($40), is there? Modeled after the classic JuJuBe silhouette, it’s got a strap adjustable for kids or adults (ahem!) and even comes with a teeny-tiny changing pad!