Sea Glass….jewels from the deep.

By April 16, 2012Prints, Reveals, Uncategorized

Washed in on the watery tide, jewels from
the sea scatter in the retreating waves.
Polished glass glints on the quartz white sand
along with sun kissed strands of coral. Allowing
but a brief moment of tranquility upon the
beach, a new surge sets the treasure trove
tumbling once again.

Presenting our new Summer print….

Sea Glass


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Sea Glass will be available in the following products:

Be Prepared

Be All


Mighty Be

Giga Be Laptop Case

Be Quick


Fuel Cell

Be Tagged

Memory Foam Changing Pad

Be Neat

Available Mid-May

  • Stephanie Horning

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your designers keep out doing themselves!

  • elle e.

    LOVE this print!!! just my color palette!

  • tina

    Pretty. Reminds me of a Vera Bradley print. Lush will always be you green queen though. 🙂

  • Cathryn d.

    Sea Glass is gorgeous!!!

  • Beautiful. I was going to order a BFF but couldn’t decide on a pattern. I know NOW!! It will be worth the wait until Mid May (just in time for Mother’s Day).

  • I love the print; i would also use it as a tote bag.