Ju-Ju-Be has been around for over 10+ years now.

Built 100% from word of mouth and an amazing league of “Pink Lady” super fans. Our community has become an extended family of devoted parents, teachers, mothers. Each lending real-world advice, tips and awesome DIY techniques for everyday parenting. Many of our pink ladies have become digital pen pals across the globe. Join in the fun with any of the communities below and start your conversation.

Whether you are a long-time fan or just beginning your Ju-Ju-journey, you are part of the amazing community of Pink Ladies that shape and inspire us. So what is a pink lady?
While it means something different for everyone, at heart a Pink Lady is a Ju-Ju-Be lover (read: superfan!) who is enamored not only with our diaper bags, but with the lifestyle we represent. Yes, Ju-Ju-Be offers products that allow you to perform your best as a mom, but we also want to celebrate your interests and passions as an individual. Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or fun, and the Pink Ladies who embrace that belief have created a thriving and supportive sisterhood. From social media forums to regional get-togethers, the Pink Lady community is growing each day! And it all began right here in the Pink Room! So pop on in and share the Ju-Ju-Be love!

Ju-Ju-Be Around the World

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